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About myself and The Blog.

Sekinat Sanni studied International Finance for her B.Sc after which she proceeded to gain M.Sc in Marketing Management. I am enthusiastic and passionate about writing as well as cooking. It can be refreshing and comforting at times. Not only do I love creating quotes and poems but I also believe that “what you are, reflects in what you cook” (I will further talk more on this very soon). Apart from the dream to be a motivational and inspiration speaker, I look forward to having my own marketing consulting firm soon by the grace of Allah. Our religion is peace and love “Islam”, I am forever a Muslim. Love to me is when I can radiate it to everyone and still have more than enough to share. Blogging would definitely be a challenge although eventually progress would be made once efforts and consistency are the sole base. I have so much to learn and by just checking several awesome individuals blogs and witnessing their growth, I am quite open to receiving knowledge broadly from the inputs of everyone. Nothing is ever useless ! So, feel free to teach me.


Basically, this is a product of impossibilities becoming possible. A channel that would encompass lifestyle topics, food recipes, tons of writings on love and life, Islamic guide from Muslimah’s around the world, Modest fashion outfits and inspirations. In short, this platform is intended to exquisitely be the world’s comfort zone and of course of myself as well. This is an insignia for resilience, teamwork, hard work, perseverance, selfless love. Also, I intend to feature the writings of other awesome individuals who don’t have the platform to publicize their creativity. In short, the more Knowledge I gain, the more diverse would my contents be.

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I look forward to getting to know you all and learning more from you all.

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