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Why me? – Acknowledgement of the Favors of Allah

November 7, 2017
Why me? – The Acknowledgement of the Favors of Allah

The favors of Allah are but with no questioning. He gives whom He wishes and takes from whom He wishes. This alone should be a big reminder of how thankful we should be in all situations we are in for there is always one person who is getting lesser than of our provision from the Allah.

Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran, that:

“…. If you are grateful, I will add more (favors) on you…” – (Q14:7)

Being penitent and thankful goes a long way in determining how much sustenance we could get from Allah. When we are thankful, we would naturally be contented with whatever He allocates for us without any kind of comparison or complaints.

Likewise, the favors of Allah are just too uncountable. Being alive doesn’t imply any superiority over others who are no more. But rather, a wakeup call to take life little and always be in the remembrance of Allah.

In our day to day engagements, choice of words, relationships, knowledge and foods we consume, career, health, beauty, families, friends, to name a few; should be used to express gratitude to Allah (S.W.T).

As such, this is expected of every believer that the mercies of Allah should be acknowledged and appreciated always. Allah is ever merciful and in His mercy, we still breathe.

It was on this basis that the poem below was inspired. 


Am I better

than the brother

reciting the Quran

with one of the best tone I’ve heard,

but found himself

restricted within the fences

of a prison yard?


So I ask, why me?


Am I that strong?

That my body stay hale,

while my brother lies in pain

with unease randomly visiting him

on the sickened sick bed.


So I ask, why me?


Is it that I’m so special?

Or someone pleaded on my behalf

for I can’t explain why

I’m still granted the grace of being here

while my brother lies lifeless

down a six-feet alcove.


So I ask, why me?


Did I make some extra efforts earlier?

That I get Allah’s provisions

more easily

while some strive to clothe themselves

and would have to beg

before they get their stomach filled.


So I ask, why me?


But then, I remember that

He who stays up there

remains the best disposer of affairs

and He is forever the wisest.

So I’d rather you bow in repentance,

seek refuge in Allah

and penitently say His praise.


And indeed,

no one is worthy of praise and thanks

other than Him – the Lord of the A’lamin.


Unto you; Kindly drop your contributions below so we can keep the flow going.

Thank you always.

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