5 Tips to Grow/Boost your Brand Visibility and Sales using Social Media

October 15, 2017
5 Tips to Grow/Boost your Brand Visibility and Sales using Social Media

In today’s world where everyone is crazily craving attention, it is very important that every brand constantly stay visible to their ideal customers because people can only buy from a business they know.

Here are a few things you can begin to do today so as to get noticed by the people who are supposed to buy from you.

Know who your ideal client is:
This cannot be overemphasized.

Who is your ideal client? What problem can you solve for them? What result will they get from using your service or product?

Knowing your ideal client is very critical to both your brand and business success. Because, if you don’t know who you are marketing to then selling is going to be very challenging.

Create some success stories:
After you have clearly identified the ideal clients fro your brand, the next very important thing you need to do is to create some success stories. This is very key to your getting noticed and being patronized.

Provide some real testimonials of what problem you have been able to solve with the solution you are offering. Most of these people are not interested in being your guinea pig so you have to silently find the guinea pig.

Experiment as much as you need to and just present them with the ah-mazing result you achieved. Offer some sample products or FREE services if you have to and be sure to get the success stories. Then, begin to share the stories as success attracts success.

You can read more on the power of stroytelling in making massive sales here.

Choose the platforms where they hang out:
Now that you know who your brand intends to solve a problem for and you are armed with proof of what you can help them achieve, it is time to go find the clients.

Where do your ideal clients hang out? Which social media platforms can you get them en-masse? This is very key to your visibility.

Here is an example, if I have a solution for undergraduates, I should not be pitching my business on Linkedin. That platform is for professionals and high profile individuals. I should get busy on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Attract with value:
Before you begin to scream Buy, buy, buy. You need to understand that people will only buy from you on social media when they know, like and trust your brand. So here is what you need to critically do; attract your ideal clients with massive value. Give them freebies, curate interesting contents for them.

Do everything you can to be sure that when they finally get to notice your brand, they will be hooked to your page because of the value you are giving. The idea is to give so much value at NO cost that they will begin to wonder – if I can get all this without paying a dime, how much more when I now pay for a service or product.

Be consistent:
Now that they have noticed your brand and services/products you offer, you don’t want them to come looking out for you and you are No Where to be found. Show up everyday, be in the faces of your ideal clients all the time. Share value every time you show up.

So, if you are struggling with getting noticed by your ideal clients, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work with these strategies. Don’t forget to share your result with us.

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Love, Sekinat Sanni.

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    This was actually very insightful, I learned a lot being a business owner. Thank you sekinat.

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    This are some great tips you gave here, this was exactly what I expected seeing this post link on facebook.

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