April 11, 2018

Building your communication skill is beyond talking as many would think. Communication isn’t just about talking, in fact, talking only contribute about 10% to your communication skills. More than verbal communication which is talking, non-verbal and written communication are other types of communication skill you must garner.

Most times, our body language and appearance alone gives us the edge and platform for acceptance than our words. Don’t get me wrong, being vocal is as well, very important. But the way you appear, gesticulate and look affects how people see you and accept you.

The world of today, unlike the old time, is based on perspective. The way you purport yourself is beginning to overshadow, in many cases, your real worth. People would most likely judge your ability by how you display and present it.

Before we could win a multi-million deal with just applying with some convincing credentials that show your capabilities and experience but more than that is required these days. You will have to support your claim with a “pitch” of your abilities. And this is down to how good you can really communicate to show them you have the stated capabilities.

Building your communication skill is not an instant thing. Rather, it is continuous and progressively elaborate. For each situation you find yourself, a particular communication skill goes for it. For instance, when you decide to finally speak with that crush of yours, how do you communicate? How do you present yourself?

So, it takes a lot of input and steps which if maintained; contributes and set you to achieving great success through fluent and smooth communication. To build your communication skills, you should do the following:

Learn to Listen

The first principle of communication is the ability to listen. Many people confuse listening with hearing but listening goes beyond just hearing the words. It has to do with understanding the clear and reflected message of the speaker.

When you communicate with someone, you must endeavor to listen, process, reflect and then respond with corresponding words. The moment you build this skill of listening, people will find you more interesting to communicate with; as they are certain that you’ll provide them with the best answers.

Be attentive to people’s emotions

 This is another secret to building good communication skills. You must be aware of people’s emotion, mood and reactions to things. This is the only way you can effectively get their attention and compel them to listen to you.

The emotion of people determines how ready and willing they are willing to communicate. The moment you can detect that, tap into it and build on it, you will undoubtedly get their attention. Therefore, training yourself to be attentive to people’s emotion is a great way to build your communication skill.

Be Charismatic

In building good communication skills, you have to build your charisma. You would need to train yourself to be a naturally humorous person who smiles quite often. When you adopt this consistently, expressing yourself will become easier as people will easily accept your presence and aura. However, being charismatic goes beyond a smiling face, it also means you have to be vocal, act intelligently and be sympathetic towards people.

Communication is a mood-based phenomenon. So, being charismatic and lively gives you the platform, ease your fears and gets your attention. People naturally like to associate themselves with people who could appear and present themselves with a good sense of humor and charisma. They find them easier to relate with and give them deserved attention.

Pay great attention to your Non-verbal skills

As noted earlier, nonverbal communication contributes majorly to how people perceive your message. Body language, tone, pace and so on are skills you should build to attain a great communication level. Many interviews these days considers your nonverbal communication as a great part of the screening processes.

Your gesticulation, facial expressions, and tone says a lot about you and can determine to a great extent what people think about you. Training yourself on these acts is a good way to build your communication skills.

Practice your lines and talk to yourself a lot

Most times, we are amazed at how some people can be commanding when they address an audience. The fluency, charisma, and confidence with which they speak and present their words look fantastic to us that we easily listen to them and enjoy doing so.

This skill they possess has a lot to do with continuous practice and personal training. They would have practice those lines numerous times by speaking it to themselves or a friend. As popularly said, practice makes perfect. When you practice your lines ahead of events, you will find it easier to present.

So, each time, always try to ask yourself some certain questions. Say a sentence that describes you in a short but detailed manner. When you find yourself having to introduce yourself somewhere, this will become easy to do.

So, ask yourself questions, provide answers and speak them to yourself!

Your personal communication skills development is your duty and the weapon you need if you plan to conquer territories.

These points if well adopted will give you an edge over others in terms of building interpersonal relationships and representing yourself in an attractive way.

Love, Sekinat Sanni.

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