December 19, 2017
December To Remember: Africa's Biggest Party For Orphans

The orphanage outreach programme is called December to Remember. It will be Africa’s biggest party for orphans; as we donate 1 month of food supplies, clothes, toiletries & stationaries in addition to free medical outreach, inspirational talk, games, music and more on 30th of December, 2017.

December to Remember is a coalition of volunteers passionate about making the yuletide season a ‘December to Remember’ for orphans in our community. We mobilize resources from kind-hearted donors and donate gift items such as food, provision, clothes and more (as requested by the orphanages).

Our motto: Give a gift. Touch a life. Make a difference.

In December 2016, nearly 300 orphans were reached across 6 States (Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos, Osun, and Calabar) in Nigeria.

December To Remember: Africa's Biggest Party For Orphans

Why December to Remember?

Ruth is a 10-year-old with battered shoes, a hunger-stricken frame, and hair covered with ringworm. Ruth shares toothbrush and barely takes her bath with soap. And hopes from day to day to not go hungry, alongside 50 orphans at a small orphanage.

By donating clothes, money, food items, livestock, provision and more, you can assist orphans like Ruth experience the joy of December and enjoy a hunger-free January.

2016 was epic, 2017 will be bigger

Our Target: This December (2017), we have an ambitious target to reach 10,000 orphans across 60 states in at least 10 countries, with an inspirational message of love and hope.

We currently have over 500 volunteers across Nigerian states including volunteers in other countries: Cameroon, Dubai, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, London, Namibia, Senegal, Serria Leone, Tanzania, and Uganda.

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill

Here is your chance to make a difference. We have also made donation easy for everyone to transform the lives of orphans in various communities.

December To Remember: Africa's Biggest Party For Orphans

To be a part of December to Remember:


Cash Donation:

Physical Gift Donation:

For enquiries, please call 08037285780 (Ogunbowale Olugbenga, Founder) or 07034944544 (Adebukola Kesinro, Director of Media/Publicity).

December To Remember: Africa's Biggest Party For Orphans



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