March 11, 2018

As opposed to expectations, successful people are not aliens neither are they gods. They are simply human like everyone else. In fact, you may be more beautiful/handsome or presentable than they are.

However, they are different in terms of the extra things they do. To be successful is not to be lucky, it is a consequence and a fruit of continued labour.

The art of success is a culture whose unique feature is “extra effort”. It requires you to do more than the normal. Aiming for success thus compels you to engage in or possess some things that give you a prominent edge.

Success will begin to get attributed to you when you start walking the paths and keep track with activities that lead to it. A successful person is a thinker, believer, and chaser of his or her dreams.

However, to get into the realm of success easily, you have to grow from just performing to making some activities a habit.

Habits here simply means continual engagement in certain activities that grows to become a natural occurrence. Habits could at times be bad or good. But most importantly, it is birthed from continually repeated activities. Thus, it grows to form about 95% of your behaviour.

Successful people, through time, trained and disciplined themselves into performing some goal-oriented activities that became a habit. And in turn, put them on the platform of natural success in whatever they do.

A lot of researches and surveys has been done about success and the successful people. It was found that success has a linear proportionality with “additional efforts” – doing more. This was explained to simply mean clinging to certain activities or engagements that in time, births success.

Therefore, if we engage in and sustain some essential practices and incorporate them to form a habit; they would lead us to success including becoming more productive. Some of these are as stated below.


The first attribute of a successful person is time mastery. It is one of the backbone characteristics you must aim for. When you stay in line with schedule, you are more likely to get results. Time is a currency that must be well spent. Otherwise, you would be susceptible to lapses and lags.

In your journey to becoming successful in whatever you set out to do; the phenomenon of time consciousness is one aspect you have to be extra with. You just have to be a time keeper if you seek to be successful.

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Another attribute of successful people is the art of planning. Success is more like a movie; it has all its scenes planned out. More than being a time keeper, you also must be a master planner.

You have to learn to schedule your daily activities along with the expected targets. Planning helps analyze your day. It helps assign priorities and preference to your activities. And in turn, gives you the best and the most productive way to spend your day.

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As popular;y said, “no man is an island of knowledge”. Reading and research making is an attribute that is common to successful people.

To stay updated and informed, you have to make reading a habit. You cannot afford to stay blind to trends and happenings if you want to be and remain successful. Reading is the secret art that makes you relevant and a contributor when the need arises.

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As widely said, “the company you keep determines your accomplishments”. The people you choose to relate and move with determines to a great extent what you achieve. You must learn to stay in the company of motivating and focused minds.

Like minds tend to inspire you, charge you and make you stay positive in each of your activities. They will believe in you and your capabilities. They will support and connect you with opportunities.

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As said by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The first wealth is health.” Every success driven personnel must always be health conscious as it is impossible to stay on track with a bad health.

Successful people are always conscious of their body and mental health state. They are always found engaging in exercises and refreshing activities. As such, helps to keep their head and mind clean as well as clear so as to think more productively.

So, always endeavor to stay conscious and awoken in terms of your health.

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To conclude, be conscious of the choices you make as you want to embrace the habits of successful people.

But before you go, what are the habits that have sustained and accompanied you towards success? Thank you.

Love, Sekinat Sanni.

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    hi, good day i really love the theme you used on your blog, how can i get it

  • Reply Zee March 12, 2018 at 6:51 am

    This is the truth and nothing but the truth…your circle of friends determine how yoi think, act and also shapes your decision making tactics

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