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February 16, 2018

The mind they would say is the limit. It is the master, guide, and director of the body. The state of the mind determines to a great extent what you can achieve. And is by far the energy, strength, and power you need in every instance.

Looking through sayings about the power of reasoning, we would realize what a great tool our mind is. As quoted from Buddha, “The mind is everything, what you think you is what you become.” To emphasize this, Mark Victor Hansen also stated that; “A Focused mind power is one of the strongest forces on earth”. Thus, what you think about is an identity of what you can accomplish and a representation of what to become.

So, bringing yourself to realize the great impact that the state of your thoughts could have in your life; gives you the “why” and “what” you should feed your inner self. For a negative mentality is like cancer, it grows rapidly through the mind and overshadows it.

Feeding the mind of a negative thought weakens the self entirely. Likewise, you would begin to seek alternatives rather than pushing to achieve greater heights. Moreso, instead of standing up to fight for your survival or a better life; you would prefer finding a recourse instead.

As said by Leon Brown, “It all begins and ends in your mind”. Thus, the great inventions and achievements of today were all borne out of a thought. When you pre-occupy your brainbox with positive thoughts and match it with substantial belief; you will find yourself subconsciously unlocking new feats.

In addition, the art of mastering of the mind goes a long way in determining what you achieve. As such, the achievements of successful people of today and beyond are all products of a positive mind. Most importantly, these set of people only managed to remain motivated and goal-driven.

Therefore, when you start to feed your mind and self of positive thoughts; you will inevitably start to realize the following;


Unlike times that you overshadow yourself with negative thoughts; keeping or approaching things with a positive mind will get you results.

Naturally, things will begin to fall into place even when you put in just your normal efforts. It serves as a natural catalyst in your journey. And keeps you on track till you achieve corresponding results of your input.


As quoted in many sayings, the mind is the limit and as well the driver of the body. Your productivity depends greatly on your mindsets and the thoughts you feed in.

When you believe in yourself; you begin to achieve more and also output more from normal or even little inputs. It helps regulate your activities and gives you directions when executing them.

A positive mind is always in LINEAR PROPORTIONALITY to your rate of production. As it acts as incentives and extra energy during your activities.


It is only logical to say that a negative minded person cannot be faithful. Being faithful simply means expecting the best and this can only stand if you are of a positive mind. When you let go of negative mind thoughts; you become more faithful and calm in situations you find yourself.

Keeping a good faith helps you maintain a healthy relationship with not only God but also with your folks. It leaves you with a rested mind which could, in turn, be of benefits to your health and wellbeing.


This is one of the best product of thinking positively – satisfaction. A satisfied mind is likened to a rich merchant. It makes you live prosperously and peacefully.

Satisfaction goes beyond getting what you want; it is the contentment that naturally comes even when you aren’t in the best state. You eventually start seeing the good in life, keeps you appreciative and thankful.

To summarize, I will implore you to be the master of your mind.

This way you get to unlock the limitless possibilities that exist for you. As said by Stephen Richards, “The only time you fall is when you fall down and stay down”. So, awaken your self in totality and start getting results!

Know anybody that thinks negatively always?! Share this article with them!

Love, Sekinat Sanni.

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