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April 4, 2018

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you” quoted by Mahesh Yogi.

A happy mood births the best of one’s ability as it allows one to flamboyantly and easily engage in doing things. When you are happy, you become attracted to the good things and everything around you become elevated.

Likewise, every successful action in our lives is a function of how willing and passionate we were when executing them. With a passion and will; the hardest thing becomes easy and time seems life forever.

The interesting part is that happiness becomes contagious and your presence would make others cheered as well as motivated to stay happy with a smile on their face. Even in our normal daily activities, we would notice that the times we are less motivated aren’t always times we are tired but rather; it is usually times that we aren’t in a good mood or find a reason to smile. This mood bores the mind, it loads the head with countless worrying thoughts and renders the body weak.

Happiness is more than just a feeling, it is spiritual. It could be so consequential and of great magnitude. Ideas are usually lost along sad thoughts; non-productive time accompanies moody period and tasks are left unexecuted. We lose track of things and often turn out regretting.

More than just being cheerful and physically active; the brain becomes more active and you tend to be more creative and find problem-solving easier to do. It is by far of a great psychological effect and could really be deadly if lacked – reducing one’s efficiency.

First, what can we say about efficiency? When can we say someone is more efficient?

In simple terms, efficiency simply means quality use of time and execution of intended tasks. It is a measure of how well you use your time and the output generated. So, to be more efficient takes more and could mean performing excellently well in terms of time and results. Thus, Happiness could then be seen as a catalyst – an incentive that injects in you, an extra dose of the needed energy.

The following, as would be listed, are more reasons why happiness can affect our efficiency and lead us to approach things with a joyful mind – thereby yielding more results.

Happiness leads to Productiveness

To be efficient means to be productive. When you set out to perform some tasks within some specified time and they get executed with every possible output reached, you have achieved productiveness. This wonderful phenomenal inevitably is tied to your mental and physical mood; how sharp and responsive you are while performing the tasks.

Happiness remains the needed dose to achieve the needed sharpness and active response to each task’s demands. So, it is very important to stay happy so as to improve your productivity and hence, making you more efficient.

Happiness improves the Body Health and Wellness

I’m sure we are familiar with the popular adage that says, “Health is wealth”. Wealth here doesn’t directly refer to Bill Gates’ kind of wealth of course! But I can tell you that it surpasses it in many ways.

It is when we are hale and healthy that we can be quite sharp and innovative. The mind then gets opened to creative and analytic thinking. Thereby, bringing about million-dollar thoughts and ideas.

Being happy has a great effect on our health. As it supplies to the body hormones that brings our body operating systems in an optimal state. By being happy, we get rid of harmful thoughts and brooding which are known to be less beneficial to the health.

Happiness kills Stress

Have you witnessed anything more dangerous to the body than stress? A thing that leaves you disorganized and thought-crowded as much as stress does? I bet there’s none!

Stress is just like a danger zone that is characterized withal kind of body-degrading weapons. Stress can make you age faster; weakens your skin and leave you with wrinkles easily. It gives you a headache and body aches that take easily your strength and activeness.

All these can be avoided by trying to maintain a happy self. Happiness is like a blossoming flower in a garden, it cheers up your mood and gets you woke. It makes you perform every of your take with the minimum stress level and still achieve same results.

Have you been caught up in a situation where a thing that you easily execute in few minutes becomes hard to do in hours courtesy of a bad mood or sad happening? Have you had to strain brain so much to think a way out of a task only because you can’t get yourself together to focus and? If, then, you’ll know how much being happy can elevate your mood and help you perform things easily and more efficiently.

Happiness births Optimism

One of the good effects of happiness is optimism! You just would always believe and hope for positive results even in the bad times. It gives you that assurance that things are going to get better and can only be better.

To sum up; when you’re happy and optimistic, you tend to take a positive approach to anything you do thus, getting results. This definitely on a long run get you more productivity and efficiency.


Being happy is everything! But do you believe it is the antidote to any worries you face? I’d love to hear your opinion/insight on happiness and efficiency.

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