Guest Post: 3 Important Tips on Self-Love To Help You Enjoy Life

October 18, 2017
3 Important Tips on Self-Love To Help You Enjoy Life

Today is all about SELF-LOVE.

Isioma Ononye is kind enough to share 3 Important Tips on Self-Love To Help You Enjoy Life. She is the amazing founder of Reflect EveryDay, a Lifestyle Blog that provides motivation and inspiration for people around the globe.

I hope you derive benefits from it.

Isioma Ononye; Writing about personal development is important to me. I’m passionate about this topic because I know what it’s like to have low self-esteem. As I’m working on loving myself more, I am also enjoying my life more. So I want to share with you what I’m learning and my reasons why.

Have Some Boundaries

It’s important that we have boundaries in how we allow others to speak and behave to us. This matters because there are somethings that might not be acceptable. In the past, I was often reserved and to myself. When people would say something that made me uncomfortable or made me question my self-worth, I would not react.

Now, that I’m learning to love myself, I know better not to compromise on my self-love. Having boundaries does not mean you put up a wall behind the world. It means you speak up and you let someone know what it is you like or don’t.

This has really helped me become more confident in myself. It has also helped me to improve my relationships with others because of the authenticity.

Don’t Go Back to Who Hurt You

Having self-love means that you care about yourself. This means you stay away from toxic or negative people that make you question your worth or deprive you of joy. You should stay away from people that have consistently made you feel bad about yourself.

It can be tempting to want to go back and associate with those who hurt us. We may find ourselves lonely or longing for more out of life and we see who we have access to.

But going back to someone that made you question your worth is not a kind act to ourselves. It is far better to focus our sights on people we value. People who radiate positive energy. People who we feel good around. If those people are not around, we have to be open to finding that.

Always Remind Yourself That You Matter

Having self-love means not neglecting yourself. It means being able to accept compliments. It means telling yourself that you’re worth it. That you matter. In the past, I would be filled with negative self-talk. I would tell myself all the things I’m not. I would bring myself down. A friend was bold and kind enough to make me aware of this. However, I had to learn to change the habit on my own through self-love.

I learned that putting myself down made me negative. It led me to push the things I wanted away. This is because my energy affected the way I interacted with others. If you can’t see the good in yourself, it’s hard to truly appreciate and be comfortable around others. Now, I know to always encourage myself.

Now, I know to compliment myself. To give myself a pat in the back for my efforts. Reminding yourself that you matter is essential. You don’t do it once. You constantly put it to practice because it will make you happy. If you’re content and confident in yourself, it will help you attract good people in your life. I need to emphasize that those that are good will not want to manipulate and take advantage of you. Rather, they will add positive vibes and experiences into your life.

So, over to you;

What does your process of self-love teach you?

As always, your contribution and comments are highly essential. Thank you.

About the Author

Isioma Ononye is the founder of Reflect EveryDay, a Lifestyle Blog that provides motivation and inspiration. She is a freelance writer, blogger and social media specialist. Her passion for communications and empowerment lead her to working on causes that pertain to supporting women, girls and young professionals. Isioma Ononye has featured posts for the Aloud Blog for New York Women in Communications, Her Daily and FindSpark Blog. She enjoys working on causes that support women, girls, and young professionals.


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