February 9, 2018

If you haven’t read the maiden post of the inspiring “MUSLIM WOMEN BLOGGERS – MUSLIMWERS; check it out HERE so you will understand better

.Let me start by saying a very “BIG THANK YOU” to everybody that supported this initiative. The support has been massive. As such, I have decided to make this movement constant.

So, every Friday, this space will be dedicated to celebrating and commending the efforts of amazing “MUSLIM WOMEN BLOGGERS – MUSLIMWERS” around the globe.

Who else is excited to discover new MUSLIMWERS? Then let us dive straight into today’s list.

Leila Khalil is an Igbo Muslim revert faceless blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is currently studying BSc. chemical engineering. Her blogging life began with an Instagram page which started in December 2016.

She started blogging to encourage Muslim ladies to be fully confident in their hijab. Not only that, she wants to show the world that Islam is a religion of peace and not oppression.

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Salmah Abdulsalam is a twenty-something-year-old Nigerian girl living in the capital city trying to make her dreams come true.

She created Dearsalmah, a Nigerian Beauty and lifestyle blog. Dearsalmah is an open diary of her life as a twenty-something-year-old Nigerian.

Wherein she documents her never-ending obsessions and adventures as a writer, feminist, beauty, food, book and fashion lover.

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Toyin Adekola is a business assistant with a Higher National Diploma in Office Technology and Management from Yaba College of Technology. Further, she has Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management from the University of Ilorin both in Nigeria. Her 9 years of work experience span across several industries as a support staff at different levels.

She created The Girl Boss Haven, a lifestyle blog focused on publishing career and business growth content for women. Whether you are a work at home mom, stay at home mom, employee or businesswoman; they have rich content to you excel in your works.

Their aim is to be the top blog for the help woman who is curious about building a career or running a business and needs simple answers.

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Ruqayyah Kabir started cooking since she was 9 and has always loved the idea of cooking. Cooking to her is more than just producing something edible. But rather about trying out new things and making them work.

She named her blog Elegancia Moderna because she felt my food really defines that rakish side of her.

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Mushrafah Oyetade is the owner of MushLifestyle Blog aimed at sharing style tips on how to look great without breaking the bank. She is all about minimalism and elegance.

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Zainab Sarumi is a photographer, creative designer, and entrepreneur. The founder of both Officialshona Blog and SolesandShades Shoe/EyeWear Brand. The aim of her blog is to connect with like-minded people out there.

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Sakinah, a twenty-something-year-old Nigerian. The director of “The Modest Girl Slay” brand that designs and provides modest, classy as well as comfortable outfits for women with tasteful desires.  Her blog is a space to share informative contents on fashion, faith, and lifestyle.

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Layla Mubarakah is a Nigerian and law student who loves trying out new ideas. She learns more about the deen every day.

Her Blog, LaylaMubie was created to connect with Muslims out there. Especially Muslim sisters and also to discuss issues that have to with the Deen and also Dunya.

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Do you know any other Muslim Women Bloggers (Muslimwers) making sense around you?

Drop your suggestions below.  I’ll definitely include them in the next part of this article. Thank you.


Love, Sekinat Sanni.

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