April 25, 2017

Hi there!!! The French would say “ça va?” but as we all know, no matter our language, we are one in this Square.

During my last holiday, I was home alone so, I looked into the kitchen- nothing! All of a sudden DING!!! I remembered my precious mango tree; oh may this mango tree make Heaven because I had plucked mangoes from it even with my suits on! Who doesn’t like a beautiful thing?

I had a perfect plan… visit my beloved mango tree, climb and pluck as many as my refrigerator could take- wonderful plan!

I was on the verge of executing my plan when a street friend walked up to me… “O’fiq! I’m tired… I heard another person committed suicide because he was depressed. What do you think, O’fiq?” I shifted gaze between my worried street friend and mango tree about four times. I patted him on the back and walked him in the direction of the mango tree [I need this kind of mango-tree love in my life] and I replied that as much as I do not blame the person, suicide is never an option.

Frankly, I understand life can be sometimes frustrating but no matter what we are going through, let’s look at those behind us. By keeping in mind those that look up to us; those that we are a source of joy in their life; let’s imagine what condition the family of such person would be, having one of their own commit suicide… devastating!

I narrated the story of a friend that got himself into excruciating depression because his girlfriend left him for another person. He had no one to talk to… he kept thinking and over thinking… he almost had an accident when he was driving and didn’t realize how fast he was going because his mind wasn’t there. I did not blame him at all because no matter how strong we are, sometimes, we need a hand to lift us.


It doesn’t come overnight… It’s an accumulation of worrying thoughts and state of mind that imprisons the mind into believing that there’s no other way than over thinking and seclusion.
I once saw a caption that says “when you’re sad, play football; when you’re happy, play football”. It is not the football that does the magic but the little time you spend relating with other people in the field of play.

By this time, I didn’t know how I got the mangoes but I had already finished seven…

The reason people go into depression isn’t one and can’t be pivoted. As stated earlier, depression doesn’t come overnight, it’s the mind melting and scouring away one’s life. When you feel down, exercise! Do exercise and/or engage in a sport that you’d relate with people… a contact sport especially. Another thing you can do is set new goals… remove negative thoughts your mind is nursing that you’re a failure and can’t achieve your goals- set new goals and work to achieve them. Go out and have fun- mingle with people and see that living is fun.

Talk to someone… anybody: dare yourself to do legal crazy funny stuff. I remember one day I was feeling melancholic and nobody was around so. Then, I walked into a hospital, booked an appointment with a doctor and randomly asked him some health tips. In fact, the tips included seeking for medical advice.

I linked the discussion to life and we already talked for 30 minutes. Upon leaving the hospital, the feelings then was “wow! I can’t believe I did this!” That crazy feeling lingered all through the day. Another tip is to eat healthily, get enough sleep and motivate yourself to learn new things. These would challenge the mind and put it at work. It is cautionary to check with the doctor before taking any supplements.

In Conclusion

I recommend you read this, share it as much as you can to get to everyone because every life is sacred and we love you. The Third Mainland Bridge is a monumental structure not a gateway to the underworld. Let’s offer a listening ear, in spirit people around us, be a source of energy, hope, and joy.

I want to challenge you to share how you have removed yourself from melancholia (at one time or another). Your idea might be the easiest for someone out there. We cherish your idea and we love you.

Till we meet again, stay alive, be motivated, be strong. Tell yourself “I balance well” and share the love. Bye for now.

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  • Reply Abibat Sanni April 25, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    Ofiq nice write up 👏👏👏👏

  • Reply O'fiq April 25, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Thank you very much… satisfaction of the readers is the greatest source of inspiration. Be sure to come back for more!

  • Reply Suzzylina April 26, 2017 at 11:56 am

    Nice this is really great

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