May 2, 2018

The month of Ramadan is just some days away. I am really excited and I can’t wait for all the forgiveness, goodness, gifts, and blessings that come with (the Holy month) Ramadan. Indeed, our Lord is ever merciful.

Not only does it uplift our level of faith as Muslims but it also fosters love among us all regardless of our (race or creed) tribe or colour.

It’s actually saddening that over the years, exchanging gift amongst ourselves (which is part of the traditions of the prophet during the Holy month) have depreciated immensely. So, this Ramadan, we want to revive the habit of giving gifts amongst ourselves (Friends, Family, Relatives, Boss, Colleagues, etc).

In collaboration with Prezzies Gifts Nigeria, they have curated a list of gift ideas that can come in handy during Ramadan. Let’s dive straight into it;

  • Home-made Granola: Anything homemade is always extra special because it tells the recipient that you’ve gone the extra mile in getting them that gift. Also, there is something precious about taking time to make something from scratch. Kinda like hand-written notes on personalised stationery; thoughtful, unique and evergreen.

WHY:  Oat-based granola is perfect for Suhoor because they provide a slow-release of energy. It’s low sugar/high fibre content ensures that you don’t get a massive spike in energy levels followed by a very steep crash that causes intense hunger and maybe even a headache due to sudden low sugar levels. What you need when fasting is a Suhoor that slowly releases energy into your system and sustains you for a better part of the day.

HOW: This is incredibly easy to make on your own. All you need is some wholegrain rolled oats, a handful of nuts and dried fruits and some honey. Mix it all together and toast for a few minutes in a pre-heated oven. Pour into a mason jar or Clip-top jar and finish with a bow tied around the rim. Go the extra mile by cutting out a piece of cardboard as a gift tag. Punch a hole in it, thread through the twine and Viola! Beautiful gift. Granola can be had with plain Greek-style yoghurt or smoothie.


You can get yummy granola bites here as well.

  • Hydration monitoring water bottle:

WHY:  We all know the importance of staying well hydrated. It keeps some of our vital organs healthy and flushes out toxins from our systems. It also helps speed up metabolism. However, since part of the premise of Ramadhan is to abstain from food and drink, it is easy to forget and not pay attention to our hydration levels especially when breaking our fast. Most of us just want to stuff our face with food as soon as Maghrib sets in.

“A man does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat enough to keep him alive. But if he must do that, then one-third for his food, one-third for his drink and one-third for his air.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 2380; Ibn Maajah, 3349; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi, 1939).

HOW:This water bottle from the company called HYDRATEM8 ensures that you stay on top of your recommended daily intake of water. Just fill this up when it’s time to break your fast and sip gradually and continually until you’ve reached your target. It’s handy which means you can take it with you when going out for Taraweeh.


Just take sips after each Salamah in salah. You can even go a step further by dropping slices of fruit into your bottle to ensure you’re getting your vitamins as well. This bottle is a little on the steep side, so if that’s above your budget, any good water bottle will do. You can try this Fruit-infuser on Prezzies Gifts NG.

  • Ramadan Journals: These are becoming increasingly popular and I’m not surprised at all. We all know everyone sets goals before Ramadhan starts but sometimes some of us get lazy and distracted somewhere down the line. These journals help you stay on top of your goals and keep you accountable to yourself.

WHY: Ramadhan is a period of re-connection with Allah and what better way to re-connect with Allah than to learn, study and ponder His words. There’s no better time to go back to the book of Allah than the month of Ramadhan. Part of what makes these journals amazing is that they help you stay on top of that goal by journaling what you’ve learnt, what you’ve read etc. Even better, gather a group of your friends and embark on this journey together. There is no better sisterhood/brotherhood than the one that is held together by a shared love for the book of Allah.

HOW: There are lots of online shops where these can be bought but my friend Reyhana makes some amazing ones. She has journals for adults, teens and preteens and children colouring books as well. Buying these for someone is so rewarding and will be useful for them during the month of Ramadhan and hopefully afterward as well.


Another way of connecting with the book of Allah is by enrolling in WhatsApp classes or groups that offer the service.

  • APPS and PODCASTS: So this might not be a “typical” gift idea, but go with me here. There are lots of free Quran Apps on the App Store and Play store, however, some of the good ones keep their full versions as paid. The full versions are so useful and packed with extras such as Tafsirs, Translations, Hadiths, lots of Reciters, adjustable recitation speed, hifdh logging etc.

My favourite is Qur’an Explorer. I literally couldn’t reach my daily hifdh (memorisation) goals without this app. I can even sync it with the Bluetooth in my car. Buying these kinds of apps as a gift will definitely guarantee (by the grace of Allah) the reward of a Sadaqah Jariyah (Ongoing reward). As long as the recipient keeps using it, you will be getting a share in the reward, without his/hers getting diminished.


I mean, does it get any better than that? So, definitely check out the app stores on your phone and gift a useful app to someone this Ramadhan.

You could also share some useful Podcasts such as this or Dua App with your friends.

  • Dates: This one is a no-brainer; we all eat dates in Ramadan. These can be found everywhere in the world. However, if you want to go luxury, be sure to visit this lovely lady’s Instagram page.

She has amazing luxury dates that already come gift-boxed.


  • Incense Sticks: Burning incense is a Sunnah of the Rasul (SAW) and it is also good for medicinal purposes.

Hadhrat Umm Qais Bint Mihsan narrates that “I heard the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) saying, “Treat with the Indian incense, for it has healing for seven diseases; it is to be sniffed by one having throat trouble, and to be put into one side of the mouth of one suffering from pleurisy.” (Saheeh al-Bukhari, Hadeeth # 5368, Kitab al-Tibb).

These also make stunning gifts and there are dozens of options to choose from. Don’t know where to get one? Go here.

  • EDIBLES: Feeding someone in Ramadhan is the next best thing to do besides fasting. The opportunities for this are endless. Donate to a charity, your local mosque, bake a treat for your friends and families. Likewise, invite people over to your house for Iftaar Dinners, buy your parents groceries etc.

For Healthy Baked Pateries (Muffin, Banana Bread, Carrot Bread, Oatmeal Cookies just to name a few),

Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or inconvenient for you; Allah did not promise Gold, Silver or Bronze standard rewards that are dependent on how much you spend. There is only one condition: do it for the sake of Allah. Reward is Reward.

RAMADAN GIFT AND HAMPER IDEAS - GUEST POSTAnd, if you have nothing to give, then make sure that you meet every Muslim with a smile on your face. It costs nothing but earns you everything. This is the month of Sadaqah. Get giving!

Do you have any beneficial contents related to Ramadan you would love to share? Kindly send it here.


An aspiring business mogul who wears many hats, some of which include; mum, wife and business owner. She currently run the online gift shop called “PREZZIES”. It is your one-stop shop for all things gifts and presents.

From single gift items to corporate and wedding gifting needs. They also provide a consulting service for people who require some guidance and advice on gifting. Definitely, be rest assured that they are up to speed on all the current gifting trends as they operate out of The United Kingdom and Nigeria.

For more gift ideas, visit them on Instagram /Facebook / Whatsapp

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