Reflections and Anticipation of Ramadan

May 11, 2017
Glorious Month


Isn’t it fascinating, interesting and astounding that eleven months have passed after the last Ramadan and another is knocking at our door steps already? Isn’t it gladdening looking forward to welcoming this glorious month?

Alhamdulillah for being among the few Allah has selected to stay alive; counting down the last days of Sha’aban in anticipation of this magnificent month. Just as we do when we expect an August visitor; we tidy up our rooms, kitchens; hither and thither. We also stock our homes with enough food to feed the visitor, trying to keep our flaws from him/her.

This is exactly the similitude of the preparation of Ramadan in our various homes. We stock our homes with enough food, perhaps to avoid expected the rise in future prices, we keep count of days, we release our Quran from their dusty shelves, some even get all sorts of decorations to welcome Ramadan, and we also try to mummify our flaws. It’s funny, right? But do we think these are actually the proper ways of preparing for Ramadan? Or some might even say; do we need to prepare for Ramadan?

These questions flow lucidly and sometimes unconsciously in our minds, but the answers pose in the mirrors we have refused to look at. Yes! We have to prepare for the glorious month but in proper ways. Here is a mirror;

In schools, when exams are imminent, we have three sets of students. The first set is those who prepare so much for the exam with the aim of just scaling through with a good grade, but to forget all they might have read afterward, this is so because they only studied for the exams. The second set of students are those who strive for knowledge and not necessarily for the grade, they tend to read for the future purpose, learn from what they have read, apply the reading to their real life issues and not just for the exams. Lastly, are those students who do not know what preparation looks like, they play away their time, waiting for the day of the exams to cram whatever they could and pour them down, but most often fall into the hands of forgetfulness.

We all know the results of each of these sets. The first set might amaze the lecturer and have good marks but have not benefited in reality and essence; these set of students are only bright during the exam and have nothing to offer afterward. The second set are the best of the three, they have the best results, do not fall into the hands of forgetfulness, because what they read is in them, has effect in their lives, and they now know it like they know their own life. These are the students that become successful in the school and in life-after-school.

The last set, without preparation, are those that fail woefully during the exams and even afterward. They could be called the pathetic ignorant. This scenario painted is exactly the same with the Muslims and their preparation for Ramadan.

To be continued next Friday by the Grace of Allah. Leave your comments below. Thank you.

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