THE SQUARE WEEKLY with Bacare O’fiq (Addicted to smoking and cancer)

April 11, 2017

Hello everyone, my name is Marlik and I’m an addict…

“Hi Marlik!!!”

Don’t look at me like that… I’m serious; I’m an addict. Now, what I’m addicted to might be different from yours but believe me, everyone’s got an addiction.

Men say women gossip a lot and thankfully, women do not disagree but they often ask the question “what do you (men) do when you talk with yourselves?”

Well, you have answered it yourself… WE TALK WITH OURSELVES. 

You definitely don’t want to see the looks on our faces when one of us says “guys… guys… I’ve got a gossip for you”. We go like “Whoa! Whoa!! Keep it to yourself man!”

Women on the other hand seem to have different triggering system. It’s not fun if you do not inform them that a gift is coming; it’s like a storm- they have to be prepared. You can’t just jump into a gist without saying “girl… I’ve got a gist for you”… it’s not fun. But when they hear “I HAVE A GIST FOR YOU”, you’d see them transforming like Optimus Prime.

What makes our “talk” different is that we do not inform before we break it… we just do.

Gather around and STAY INSIDE THE SQUARE because today, we have a guest within our midst to spice our discussions. SHE says she wants to know what we discuss with ourselves in the SQUARE.

Everyone! Meet Sandra

“Hi, Sandra, you’re welcome!!!”

“Hello everyone; Marlik… it’s nice to be here”

Well, the guys didn’t mind having a woman with us because… hey!!! We are that welcoming. Now back to Sandra.

Well, Sandra, tell us about you

“As you can see, I’m a beautiful lady, I love cooking and I smoke a lot”


One of the guys couldn’t hold it together and he said “come on!!! You’re too beautiful to be smoking”.

I could see him almost attempting to conjure the spirit that smokes out of Sandra and I do not blame him because smoking, as “cool” as many might see it, exposes more danger to women than men. Although both have approximately 10 years shorter to live than average life expectancy. But, we do not like our women to smoke; we love them smoking hot!!!

Although, many have various reasons why they smoke. However, the effects do not stop on the smokers but also extended to nonsmokers: friends, loved ones, families etc.

Ladies first, as usual, I do not know the soothing feeling you get from the puffs but it’s making you less appealing to me and that’s my biggest concern. You have to be appealing to me.

When a man sees a woman, he doesn’t see her characters instantly. Those first things he sees are physical.

Really, they are physical and smoking ruins them all- from your face to your skin and hey! Those pairs!!!

It is a natural effect that they, with time, would lose their firmness but smoking makes them sag, droop and loses their beauty earlier than expected and this is the least of what should worry you as a smoker! Lung cancer, possibility to break a hip, low fertility, amongst many. Smoking soothes you and its cool right? Well, it’s a trap!!! No class! Find soothing elsewhere, beautiful.

You, locomotive, smoking ace guy- do I need to sing for you! Does anyone need to tell you before you quit smoking? Do you know how it affects your kids (born or unborn)? Did you know it’s linked to the cause of your sexual dysfunctions? Did you know how it affects your non-smoking, beautiful, wife/spouse? You’ve smoked and you still want to kiss her? Did you know it could be responsible for your hair loss? Are you prepared to look like a vulture soon? A round of applauds for you!

There isn’t a better time to quit other than now… seek help on how to quit an addiction today; offer hands to help a depressed person. Campaign on Cancer and make your body clean.

I wish you safe trip back home… see you next week!

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