November 9, 2017

Starting a business comes with many challenges but the most disturbing of them all is when you cannot make sales. The internet and social media are here to the rescue of small businesses.

Selling on social media is lifesaving for most small businesses and we have taken out time to make a list of 10 ways you can find your first customers on social media and stay visible as well.

See the list below.

1. Put out a press release

Publishing a press release is a smart way to get the word out about your startup. Simply put, a press release is you telling your target audience who you are, what problem you solve and why you solve it better. Put these together and then distribute to strong media platforms and viola! Your press release is done.

2. Take networking seriously

Networking and building relationships are one way to double up your growth as a startup. Find out groups where your competitors hang out and join them. Build real relationships and learn everything you can from those that have been there before you.

Likewise, find out groups where your target audience hangout and join them. Begin to build your Know, Like and Trust by strategically sharing your expertise.

Comment meaningfully to other peoples posts and also build real relationships.

3. Organize a giveaway

Everyone loves to get Freebies hence organizing giveaways is a very smart way to make your brand go viral on social media. To successfully execute a giveaway, be sure to set a clear goal of what you want the giveaway to help you achieve in your business.

The goal might be to grow your mailing list or drive traffic to your website. Stay focused on the goal and make participation easy. At least 2 – 3 conditions should be ok. Don’t make it an uphill task to participate, a lot of folks on social media lack patience.

4. Sponsor Events

Look out for events that are targeted at your ideal clients and offer to sponsor them. Ensure that the organizers of the events are trusted brands. This way, the trust people have in them will be extended to your brand.

This will likely be the first experience with your brand for most people, be sure to make it worthwhile by ensuring that you bring your best to the table.

5. Start a Blog

If ‘Content is King’ then his Palace is the blog. Content marketing and blogging are very useful in ideal customer attraction. Your blog should serve as a platform where you serve your ideal clients with proper meals that keep them hooked.

Make sure all the questions they may have is answered through your contents. Give as much value as you can for free and make sure your blog has social shares enabled so as to encourage sharing of your contents. Having a blog also improves your visibility if properly optimized.


6. Use relevant hashtags on twitter and Instagram

Hashtags are tools for viral marketing. Hashtags make your business visible on social media. It makes it easy for your business to show up in the search result every time someone searches for related products or services.

7. Complementary Collaboration

Find products that your products/services can complement and collaborate with them. If you run a bridal shop, reach out to event management business for a collaboration. If you make dresses, reach out to pieces of jewelry and accessories outlets for collaboration.

You can pair up your products and offer them at a discounted rate or as a giveaway.

8. Leverage Industry Influencers

Another cool way to grow your brand really fast is by using influencers. These are basically those individuals or brands who have large followings on social media and websites.

You can send free samples of your products to them and hope that they get to mention your brand to their followers. And if you are up to it, ask them for a review which you will likely pay to get.

Whichever way you choose to go about it, getting an influencer to review your product or use it and make mention of your brand is a sure way to get the seal of approval from both industry experts and your target market.

This, in turn, will increase your social media following and sales.

9. Get listed on online local business directory

Listing your business on online directories is one sure way to make your brand visible. This improves the chances of people who are genuinely searching for your product or services to see your business in the search result as these directories often have high SEO.

10. Offer Local Drop shipping

This will not only double your sales but your profit margins as well. This is how drop shipping works: Let others sell your products online while you take charge of the delivery and other logistics on their behalf.

Offer them the products at wholesales rate so that they can sell at a competitive price and still make some profit without investing cash.


I hope you have gained new insights on ways you can find your first customers on social media and also staying visible along the line.

Let us connect on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Love, Sekinat Sanni.

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  • Reply Hameedah November 10, 2017 at 8:13 am

    Baby, you hit this post where it needs to. This is good stuff. Thanks for always saving our asses.

  • Reply Tope November 11, 2017 at 10:50 am

    This was insightful. I went ahead and created a mini list of all you highlighted and ticked off the ones I had done. I have four more to go. Thanks for this.

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