My Journey So Far: I found Strength in a Hopeless Place

Finding Strength in a Hopeless Place

Looking back at the time in university, I have always been a step ahead. This actually boosted my inner strength to think/act faster. Well up until I completed my postgraduate program as well as the mandatory youth service in my country – Nigeria. Bear in mind that through the course of all this, I had only gained less than 2 years work experience. It still wasn’t enough to increase my confidence to practice in my field.

It was ascary phase after completing my NYSC in February 2018 as the desperationto figure out WHAT NEXT became intense! Definitely, the last thing on my mindwasn’t to proceed for Ph.D. without building a substantial career.

I finally started job hunting in March and honestly, the whole experience was devastating for me. It used to feel foreign to me when people complain about the difficulty of getting jobs in Nigeria. I expected that so long my grades are excellent; companies should be willing to give me a chance to impart to my full potentials. Little did I know that it’s not by DISTINCTION but more of other factors I had always overlooked.

Surprisingly, for someone residing in Abeokuta, most of the interviews took place within Lagos. Hence, I kept on shuffling between Abeokuta and Lagos, sometimes Ibadan just to meet up. There wasn’t any positive response from those organizations and I wasn’t ready to compromise. This transpired up until July 2018 and by then, I had already lost my energy, strength, and self-esteem. There was zero zeal/power to write or even keep up with what was going on around me.

For someone that has always been on top of her game with a commendable strength; I felt very very very disappointed in myself.

At apoint in between, I started doubting my abilities including strength and corevalues. I became so scared of what the future holds and felt very incapable. Infact, being someone that has always been passionate about fostering growth inpeople – I had lost a lot of opportunities to impact even when people approachme for help – I “shylishly” chicken out giving excuses like I am taking abreak. A break from what exactly – Myself or the World?

Forchange to start, you must really really desire and envision the change youseek. Hence, I started attending different workshops conferences and supportgroups. I took it a step at a time by mastering myself, mind, body, and soul.Progress started when I attended Gtb Food and Drink, a fair aimed at promotingbusiness enterprises – in short, I left the place inspired, astonished and witha renewed strength. After then, I committed to reflecting and meditating onwhat transpired so far. Eventually, not long apart, I got my zeal back!Although it still wasn’t very rigid but was rather a good start and when I did,I founded my bundle of happiness – FIBREATS (an onlinebakeshop that offers healthy confectionaries that are low carb and glutenfree).


Continuous, Intentional and Conscious Learning – I realized that for me to build a strong level of competence in all areas of my life, I needed to seek MORE by reading, asking, giving and growing. There is no such thing as ENOUGH ALREADY about expanding your mental capacity as well as building knowledge. Not only is it magical but also gives you strength to start over again.

Begin to DO – There is a statement that stuck relatively close with me from Michelle Obama book – Becoming. “Even when it’s not pretty or perfect; Even if it’s more real than what you want it to be; Your story is what you have, what you will always have; It is something to OWN”. Honestly, it wasn’t a new discovery that there is something greater in me (my journey) that needed to be shared but sadly; I always get stuck as to how to go about it.

In a nutshell, I decided to pursue my food business with a major focus in healthy confectionaries. Something that had always been my most natural and able strength.

But, one I had ignored because I was scared that I wouldn’t get people to patronize me. Ultimately, for Fibreats (please check out my business page on Instagram), I took the risk to follow my dream and innovate regardless of the fear. A decision I wish I had taken sooner – one that constantly reminds me that my vision is too great to be wasted sloshing around. So all I ever needed was to START – SHOW UP – STAY IN.

Never Compromise on Self Love – You will be surprised at how much power this holds – it keeps you in control of any obstacle that questions your essence. I had to start afresh – by truly identifying who I am amidst all the chaos. It took a level of loving myself holistically to not downplay my failure, challenges and, weakness. And there is absolutely nothing you can’t achieve if you stay authentic to yourself.

WOW – are you still here? You deserve a HUG for staying this far. Plus, this right here is a major accomplishment for me. I can finally WRITE again without any fear of it not being perfect! Seeeeeee – PROGRESS in the little things. With so much love and gratitude for my strength and journey, I will continue to cheer everybody to Great Heights.

Sekinat Sanni.

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  • Truly inspiring and as someone who is aware of Fibreats, I can say that it's joy in itself. So glad that you are able to find your path with full focus and dedication. Distinction might be important but it's just a key among the keys to success. Finding one's route is the most important thing because that will be one's main FOCUS in the journey to success...

  • This was an amazing read. I am glad you finally found your happy place with your business. May God make it grow more and more

  • This was very inspiring, keep up the energy ma’am. Your zeal has made fibreats get all the applause and more is coming. Let’s keep writing our beautiful stories. one day, it would be worth telling

  • Yaaaasssssss baby girl, yasssssssss because first, if I don't gass you, who will? I can't tell you how happy I am that you eventually took this step and wrote this. I almost screamed when I saw the swipe up link on your instagram. I'm so proud of you babe. 2018 was filled with adventures from you and I'm glad you decided to bless us with yout experiences and also beneficial tips to being a better person. You've always been my inspiration baby girl. Thanks for doing you. Hoping to see more posts as the days roll by. Love you darling.

  • Great Leap, my love.
    Feel the Fear, just do it anyway!
    Keep rolling, you have the future, in sha Allah.

  • Ma Sha Allah, good too read a piece from you again. You can’t really know outcomes till you try. Barakallahu feehi on Fibtreats

  • Your story is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey thus far. May Allah continue to make you Happy. Welcome back!

  • Seksboo, this is so inspiring , I’m so glad you didn’t give up or lose faith in yourself completely even though things were not going as planned , Everyone has phases they go through and I’m so thankful you overcame yours and came back stronger , I’m glad you’re doing the things you love & I want you to know that your success story has just begun , I love you baby #Fighting 💪🏾

  • Sekboo! So happy you took the bold step! Fibreats has been soaring high! The sky is the limit❤️I wish you the best and a wonderful 2019

  • A good read. I am truly inspired because I am at that “what’s next?” Point. I’m taking it one step at a time.

  • I’m really grateful that you shared your story and you have no idea how you’ve inspired so many of us with your relatable experience🙏🏾 FibreEats will go worldwide boo😘✨

  • An inspiring story indeed.
    Do you know what darling sis, I have always believed in your strength and positivity.
    Go Girl, God get your back.

  • Thanks for staying true and amazing.
    I trust you know you're not doing this for yourself alone..?
    You taught us to face our fears even if with fear.. Am glad you're living by what you taught/legacies U left us with.
    May Allah continue to ease your affairs, bless you and yours and make the business a global leader In shaa Allah

  • Welcome back,Sis! And you're doing an awesome job, so glad you took a chance with fibre eats, we'll done!!!! Barakallahu fihi

  • Seksek. Thanks for this post.

    You have shared strong points that can’t be overemphasized.

    Fibreats is a goal. The niche needed you and you have done amazing stuffs in this short. I thought you had been doing it for two years.

    BarakaLlahu feeki in the new year.

  • I have been waiting for this since forever. Feels good reading it. Congratulations on Fibre Eats and keep pushing. Alot of us are rooting for you and I am in the fore leading. #MBD

  • Alhamdulillah. You're actually a source of strength and encouragement. Following your journey through Instagram has been worth it. Way to go!

  • This was extremely motivating and inspiring. I’m still astounded by your growth. Keep shining and this is the year of doing!!!

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