May 9, 2017

I’m not going to greet you all today because I’m feeling melancholic. I can even extend this feeling to my neighbours and if they asked why I didn’t greet them, I would reply “I will greet you tomorrow”. Throughout the weekend, I stood in front of the mirror trying to teach myself the mastery of motivation… it didn’t work and it’s giving me huge concerns- I must learn this art!

I’m preparing for the future because I must be able to motivate my child not to add to the tuition; I must be able to motivate my wife not to wake me around 2:45am and ask for Pringles made from banana with onion flavours or burnt Jollof rice when she’s pregnant; or motivate my friends to bless my bank account.

There’s a saying that tells us to make use of five important opportunities before five opposite moments; life before death; youth before old age; the free time before busy schedule; health before illness; and money before poverty. While we are trying so hard to achieve our goals, we often forget that some people only hope to have what we have.

I once saw a picture that shows a person walking and having seen another person on a bike, the former said “if only I had a bike”. The person on the bike saw another person in a car and said “if only I had a car”. While they were all wishing and hoping, a person on a wheelchair said “if only I could walk”.

There’s no limitation to what we can achieve if we set our plans right- we can keep growing and growing.

I want to share the story of one of my many friends- sharp, smart, geeky and loves education. I think his major reason for the love he shares with education is the benefits he gains going to school. From secondary school, while we were all frustrated with school and school activities, my wonderful friend was always in the forefront. I don’t know about you but I attended PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL where you have to write your full family name on a strip of paper and slide it into the case of your pen so as to recognise it. 

While in the university, he didn’t bother asking his parents for any fees because he has several uncles. In which, they are all willing and proud to sponsor him. This my sharp friend would collect tuition from all his uncles. He had plans… he would say “…this time last year, what were you doing?

Where were you?” He made this simple question his watchwords. Therefore, ensured to be better than the state he was THIS TIME LAST YEAR. I wish I had an uncle and a half so that I could have collected tuition from them [the half uncle? I don’t mind]. 

We could be better by adopting my friend’s THIS TIME LAST YEAR achievement scale and his habits of speaking the truth. Thus, to meter how we have launched ourselves into our achievements.


The question I have for you reading: Could my friend have been wrong? For telling all his uncles the truth and collecting from them all without increasing the tuition for any of them?

Till we meet again, be motivated and strong. Bye for now.

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